Domestic Violence Attorney, Miami FL

When you are accused of domestic violence, it is imperative you speak with a domestic violence attorney in Miami immediately. These charges are extremely serious and you should never risk working with an attorney who has no experience in this field. The consequences of a conviction are too steep and unless you work with an aggressive attorney with experience, you could be facing life-long consequences.


Legal Team Miami understands that just because someone has been accused of domestic violence does not automatically mean they have actually committed a crime. Unfortunately, too often, charges are filed against you because you are in a dispute with an ex-partner or spouse. A first-time domestic violence conviction will result in automatic six days in jail at a minimum as well as a requirement to attend a batterer’s intervention program. These are not discretionary punishments, these are spelled out in Florida’s statutes. In addition, a 2014 Supreme Court ruling also resulted in those convicted losing their rights to own a firearm. Our domestic violence attorneys in Miami, FL will do everything possible to protect your rights.


In order to mount a defense, your domestic violence attorney in Miami, FL will ask you a number of questions about the incident that led to the charges. In many cases, we have found that the person facing charges was in a completely different location, unknown to their accuser. While this may seem surprising, it is not as unusual as you might think.
Those who are facing domestic violence charges are often facing additional charges such as assault charges, assault and battery charges and more. As a domestic violence attorney in Miami, FL, Legal Team Miami has the skills and experience you need to help protect your name and your future. Defendants should always make sure they are working with an attorney who understands the charges as well as the long-term consequences of a domestic violence conviction. Do not take chances with your future, contact the domestic violence attorneys at Legal Team Miami.